About us

The Moroccan American House Association (MAHA) is a non-for-profit organization based on collaborative endeavors of its board and members to be at the service of Moroccan immigrants in the U.S. especially here in New York. As our needs increase with the expansion of our community, we have decided to unify our individually-scattered efforts and had them compacted into one structured association, which we agreed to label HOUSE, a symbol of mutual help, responsibility, commitment, comfort and hospitality etc.

The goal of our newly-founded association includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Ø Bridging the gap between the members of the Moroccan community here in America.

Ø Building trust and self-confidence among members of our community.

Ø Conducting age-appropriate activities for kids and adults alike

Ø Teaching Arabic & Quran to our children and to non-Arabic speakers as well.

Ø Translating documents and help filling in immigration forms for members of our community.

Ø Organizing soccer tournaments and other sports activities for our community members etc

This in addition to other activities and services rendered to benefit members of our community and make them good asset to the American society.