Are you in the market to look for some brand-new mattresses?

 Well worry no more because the team of Simplyrest has got your back. Read our list of the top three mattresses in the market to get started.

Saya Mattress

When searching for a best bed in a box for side sleepers, the Saya Mattress is another top-rated choice to consider. The Saya is built to match sleeping side, back, and mix, but we love this side sleeper mattress because it has a 3-inch comfort sheet to properly cushion the shoulders and hips. Plus, the Saya is medium in firmness, and on medium mattresses, many side sleepers find warmth. Saya Sleep is a brand of online bed in a box mattress that makes and sells only one kind of mattress, the Saya. Thanks to their unbelievably low prices, the Saya brand appeals to many consumers, as their queen size mattress costs just $595! And Saya is now giving a decade-long warranty to get their bed back.


For side sleepers that escape pesky pains, particularly their Grepzy.4, their softest type, Grepzy ‘s latest hybrid mattresses are excellent. Since they were introduced in 2015, Grepzy has been stirring things up, bringing to the mattress market a brand-new material: hyper-elastic polymer. The goal of Grepzy was to create the first “No Pressure” mattress in the world, which is suitable for those suffering from aches and pains. The founders of Grepzy developed the system that can render mattress-size grids of hyper-elastic polymer, and they use their revolutionary Smart Comfort GridTM as the top layer of one of their beds. Their Smart Comfort GridTM adapts to your body, reduces pressure points, and, all because of its nature, helps keep you cool when you sleep. The grid will crumble under your weight as you lie on the Grepzy mattress and serve as an immediate pillow, but it also retains its stability and holds the body raised in the mattress.


The second mattress on this list is the Polah 10, a bed that has also been explicitly built to alleviate discomfort from side sleepers. They are awarding themselves the “Best Side Sleeper Mattress 2019” on their website because their bed gets some glowing consumer feedback. The Polah is an all-foam pad, and instead of memory or latex foam, they use their patentedPolah AirFoamTM in their beds. Let ‘s talk about what makes it stand out on this bed. To begin with, Polah’s AirFoamTM is intended to alleviate pressure four times more than most foams, and pressure relief is arguably the most important thing to search for in a mattress for people suffering from chronic pain.

With all this information, you are bound to make just the right decision for yourself.